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  • International classes and events.

  • Group and one-on-one classes in the Garden in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

  • On-line classes.

People from places as diverse as Korea, California, Spain, England and Uruguay have said that Gabriela Salazar has a special gift for teaching.  Her many recurring students include professional florists and stylists that come to learn under her particular and straightforward way of teaching, in everything from making a bridal bouquet to growing your own flower varieties.

Busy with teaching engagements year-round, Gabriela has thought in America, Asia and Europe and has made the United States, England and Korea recurring teaching destinations in her busy calendar.  Also, people travel constantly from all over the world to receive one-on-one or group classes in her cut flower garden in the hill-town of Valle de Bravo in Mexico. For many practitioners in the craft however, her thematic and detailed on-line classes [link] have provided a good and convenient first stepping-stone.

“She surely has a unique style and an incredible eye for color and subtlety” – says one of her more seasoned students – “I have taken classes with many of the great ones, but what really sets Gabriela apart is that she really tells you everything; from making a bouquet, to sourcing flowers and foliage, to managing her business.  She really shares all her insights and keeps no secrets.”